angie miller tedI have extensive speaking experience from the TED stage to small, rural churches. I have addressed protesting workers on the NH State Capital Lawn, sessions full of high school students, skeptical legislative bodies, and of course, rooms and auditoriums full of dedicated educators.

But no matter who is in the audience, I am reminded that our stories never fully belong to us and that silent narratives can be made palpable with honest vulnerability. When we pay attention to story we make change in ourselves, our schools, and our communities. When we identify the collective pulse in the room, we come together. With this understanding, I root keynotes in the needs of the audience, integrating anecdotes from the classroom with research in order to identify actionability.

Sample keynotes given:

  • Writing Can Save the World (Or at Least Your Classroom): Writing Across the Curriculum for the Unsure
  • We’re In This Together: The Importance of Parent & Community Involvement in Our Schools
  • Lead from the Library: How Librarians Can Lead Change in Schools
  • Equity, Choice, Passion: Reading as an Act of Empowerment
  • Saving Democracy: Teaching Research is an Act of Citizenship
  • Literacy as Identity: Helping Students Find Themselves Through What They Read & Write
  • Stop the Boring: The Importance of Infusing Voice Through Purpose and Relevancy in Our Schools
  • Students Don’t Care? No. They Have Just Raised the Bar and Expect Excellence 
  • Why Equity Matters: How Education Can Save Our Most Vulnerable Students


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